Summary and take-aways

This webinar is all about qualifying an investment manager and fund for success with the institutional investor market.

Which are the key benefits?

The investment manager that wants to raise money from the institutional investor market for the first time gets an introduction into the main challenges and how to overcome them.

The webinar explores the issues that institutional investors face, the focus points of institutional investors in their fund selection, and most importantly, how to streamline the opportunity. The webinar addresses two questions:

– Who are the right institutional investors for my fund product?

– How should I structure and approach my fundraising campaign?

Following the webinar, the first-time institutional investment manager will be better understanding the main idea, to identify and to overcome the barriers before going out to the market.

We can provide you which additional steps are required to become ready to go out to the market. As the main step to start off we recommend the DC Placement Advisors tailored one-day workshop that helps GPs in their fundraising preparation.

The workshop is targeted for GPs that want to approach the institutional investor market and have at least reached the conclusion of the initial internal preparations.

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