advinda Investor Cloud​

The advinda team deeply understands the need to have up-to-date Private Market Data of institutional investors together with an easy-to-use solution that manages fundraising activities while keeping track of communications and tasks.  Thus, advinda was born – the first intuitive CRM solution combined with Private Market Data on more than €100 trillion AUM in the cloud. 

advinda CRM simplifies and accelerates the process of raising institutional funds, providing fund managers with an efficient and easily attainable solution. Thus advinda offers seamless investor search functionality and delivers valuable fundraising insights.

advinda helps Fund Managers achieve success by accelerating the process to find and connect with the Institutional Investors they need. ​


advinda Ready-To-Use CRM ​

Dashboard View

advinda’s dashboard gives you a quick overview on all campaigns and their progress. The campaign cluster functionality allows you to easily group campaigns by region, class or team.

Keep Track of Daily Activities

  • Record tasks associated with contacts or campaigns and schedule due dates.
  • Send emails directly from your campaign or contact view and keep a history of all events and interactions.
Easy Campaign Management

  • advinda’s campaign section enables you to set up campaigns, assign interested Institutional Investors from your contact list and track commitment to investment.​
  • Gain a 360° overview of your sales activities. Be on top of pending tasks
    and track easily commitments to invest.
Work as a Team

Create a team account and add colleagues. Assign tasks and have a clear, up-to-date overview of the progress on all campaigns.

Create Seamless Connections

  • Create seamless connections by simply selecting the contacts from advinda’s updated Institutional Investors’ Database and adding them to a campaign. 
  • Continue working with your existing contacts by simply adding them to your secure private cloud in advinda CRM. In addition, advinda also offers a specialized support service dedicated to import large quantities of legacy data if needed.
Email Integration

  • advinda email integration allows to directly send emails with your existing address. No additional software installation is needed, simply select a contact and click the email button.
  • Capture and record all incoming and outgoing emails. advinda makes it possible to keep track and archive all interactions with customers to meet regulatory requirements and compliance.


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