Team Settings

advinda gives users the opportunity to work together as a team. The designated Team Admin can set up a team name and send out invites directly from the Team Settings page for other users to join the team. Once the invite is accepted, the invited user is automatically added to the team. Note: You can be member in one team at a time only.

The Team settings page has three sections: Team Details, Team Members, Team Packages.

Team Details shows the team´s name and description. This can be changed by the admin by clicking “Edit”.

Team Settings: Team Description

This section shows the members of a team.

As an admin, you have the possibility to invite new team member to your team. You can also remove members from the team by clicking the delete button.

Invite Member

To invite a new member to your team, click “Add Member” and enter the user’s email address. If you invite a user that has not yet signed up to advinda, the user will receive instructions on how to sign up via email.

A user already registered to advinda will receive an email to confirm that he/she wants to join your team. Once confirmed, the user will be part of your team.

Freezing or Deleting Team Members

To freeze a team member account, click the lock icon next to the user name. The team member account will be deactivated but information created by the team member will remain available and visible to the team.

If you delete a team member, the account and any information added by the team member will be removed from the team. The user account remains active.

Member Details

You can click on a team member name to see the team member´s details.

Team Settings: Team Members

The third section, Team Packages, shows all the packages you have available. As the team admin, you can assign packages to your team members.

Team Settings: Team Packages