The Accounts Page

There are two different types of accounts:

Clicking “ advinda Accounts” displays a table with all your available advinda Accounts. The number of accounts depends on the package your Team Administrator has assigned to you. advinda Accounts cannot be edited.

In the iOS App you can navigate between advinda and custom accounts using the bottom bar. Commands can be found at the top.

You can set up your own accounts in the application. These are called “Custom Accounts” Custom Accounts can be created by you or by members of your team.

You have visibility to all Custom Accounts created.Custom accounts can also be edited by any team member.

Accounts: iOS

Sort, Search and Filter Accounts

You are able to search, sort and filter accounts:


A click on the “Filter” button opens the Filter Menu. You can filter by Package and/or Investor Types.


You can sort the accounts table in several ways by clicking “Sort by”. As a default, the table is sorted by AUM: High->Low


You can search for advinda and Custom Accounts using the search bar.

Creating an Account

Click “New +” to create a Custom Account.

Complete the information, required fields are marked with an asterisk (*). Click “Save” and the Account will be added to your Custom Accounts list and, if you are working in a team, it will be automatically visible to your team members.

Editing an Account

If you need to make changes to your Customer Accounts, simply click “Edit” to update the account. Click Save and your changes will be automatically visible in the Custom Accounts tab and also to your team.

The Account Details Page

The account details page shows information on an account in three separate sections:

Here you will find the contact data for the account as well as the AUM and investor type. For accounts that were custom created, you will also see who created the account and who modified it last.

The contacts section shows all contacts that are linked to the account. If you are missing a contact, you can add it by clicking “New +”.

The tasks section shows all tasks related to the account. Active tasks are listed under Active, tasks that were marked by you or your team as DONE are automatically moved to History.