The Tasks Page

The Tasks page displays your and your team’s task and task history.

Per default, the page is set to show only your own tasks and history. To see your team’s task, remove the filter. The filter is the grey box above the Tasks tab. Close it to remove the filter..

The list on the Tasks tab is sorted by due date. Overdue and soon due items are displaying at the top of the list.

The History tab shows all tasks that were marked as “Done” and is also sorted by due date.

Tasks: Tasks and History Tab

Tasks Types

When a new task is set up, it is assigned a task subject. In the list view, the type of subject is reflected by an icon. A solid blue icon indicates a new, unread task that was assigned by a team member or an unread Email that was sent to the advinda app from outside the system.

Here are the five different types of subjects for a task and their icons:

Task details

You can access the details of a task by clicking the task in the task list.

Task: Task Details

Create Task

To create a new Task click “New +”.
You can enter the following information:

  • Assigned to: You can assign a task to yourself or a team member. Team members will be notified about tasks that have been assigned to them
  • Subject: You can choose from five different type of subjects: : Email, Meeting, General, Call, Teaser
  • Description: Describe your task
  • Start date
  • Due date
  • Comment

Related to: You can specify to which Campaign, Contact or Account a task is related to.Select from the dropdown the relation type and a pop-up will open. You can search for a campaign, account or contact within the pop-up. Fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory.

Tasks: Related to Contact PopUp
Tasks: Create Task

Edit Task

If you want to change a task’s status or edit its other information, click “Edit” on the task detail page.

You can edit all information, assign the task to a different team member or relate it to another contact.

To complete a task, change its status to DONE. This moves the task automatically to the History tab.

Tasks: Edit Tasks Status Highlighted

Mobile Tasks page

Due to the limited screen size of mobile devices, the advinda mobile user interface looks slightly different than the desktop version:


You can navigate between tasks, task history and creating tasks creating using bottom bar. Commands can be found on the top.

Tasks: iOS


You can navigate between tasks, task history and creating tasks using the top bar.  Commands can be found on the bottom.

Tasks: Android