Sending emails with advinda

You can send emails to Contacts listed in advinda directly from within the application. The recipient will see the email address that you use for your account as the reply-to address in the email. You can attach files up to a total message size of 25 MB.

There are two ways to send an email with the advinda application:

1) Use the Task section: Create an Email task and click “Send Email” on the task details page.
2) Use the Contacts section: Go to a contacts detail page and click “Send Email”

Sending emails from a task detail page

Create a new task, select email as the type and click the “Send Email” button.

Sending emails from a contact details page

Select the Contact to whom you want to send an email and go to the Contact details view. Click the “Send Email” button and complete the fields for your email.

Email Feature: Email Task Details

Setting up your signature

You can set up your own signature to be automatically added to your emails from advinda. Go to User Settings, click Edit to open your profile and scroll down to the signature section. Here you can add your details and click Save. The signature information you entered will now always be displayed at the bottom of each email.

Forward Emails to advinda

To meet regulatory compliance and to keep track of all communication in one place, advinda offers the option to forward emails from any mail client (Outlook, Apple Mail, Webmail…) to your advinda account.

To forward an email to your account, simply send the respective email from the email address that you are using for your advinda account. Send the email to

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Important: Always send the email from the email address that you are using for your login.

After you forwarded an email to advinda, it will appear as a new task in your task list. Click on the task and then click “Edit”. You can now add the email to the campaign, contact or account it belongs to by using the “Related to” dropdown. If you also want to archive the email, change the status from “Open” to “Done” and then click “Save”. The email is automatically moved to the History tab.